EMDR in Color

EMDR In Color is a Basic Training that creates an inclusive space aimed at promoting an anti-oppressive learning environment. We encourage attendance by clinicians of color who work with diverse groups and marginalized communities.

This program is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Please email us prior to registration and payment if special accommodations are required.

About EMDR in Color

EMDR In Color is a semi-private Basic training aimed specifically at clinicians of color who work with marginalized groups and racial trauma. It was developed as a collaborative effort to share EMDR with other clinicians in a manner that better addressed the issues surrounding diversity and race while creating an affordable option allowing a greater number to participate. EMDR In Color has not only become a place to share EMDR but has also fostered a community of practitioners who relate, support, and grow together in an ever-changing world.

EMDR In Color and EMDRIA-Approved Basic training and covers all the core material of the EMDR Basic training with special emphasis on:

  • Culture-specific trauma and cognitions
  • Racial fatigue
  • Identity-based trauma
  • Culturally diverse resources
  • Complex trauma surrounding culture

All of our current trainings are listed in the EMDR in Color Calendar, but there are more on the way!

Hear What Attendees Have to Say

About Rivers Edge Institute EMDR in Color Trainings

"This was an amazing training! I feel honored to be able to receive all of the amazing information from each and every one of our trainers. I also love that each person came from a different and unique perspective and it allows me to see how to make EMDR my own and utilize it with the other modalities I already incorporate. Thank you so much for this opportunity!"

"This was the absolute most impactful training I have ever had in my clinical career. This has revolutionized the way I approach practice. This change was directly related to the professionalism, the cultural relevance, the cohort, and the culture of the training itself."

"You all showed up authentically and gave so much to the training and to us individually. You truly honored our culture. I have never been in a space like that before and I'm forever grateful. I am in awe of the work and expertise that you all individually carry."

EMDR Basic Training Package

The EMDR in Color Basic Training provided by Rivers Edge Institute is a complete training package that is divided into 3 parts:

Day 1, 2, 3 (Part 1)

  • Utilizing didactic lectures, live demonstrations, and practica participants will learn about the 8 Phases of EMDR Therapy as a comprehensive treatment for trauma. Discussion will include how to apply EMDR to children and other special populations. Note: Participants will be required to practice with clients starting after this first weekend, and begin presenting cases during Group Consultations (see below).
  • Completion of part 1 receives 20 hours of NBCC Credit Hours

Day 4, 5, 6 (Part 2)

  • Participants will learn how to modify EMDR Therapy for more effective work with special situations and populations such as: addictions, recent traumatic events, anxiety, grief, couples, sexual abuse and more. Special attention will be given to working with complex trauma and dissociation.
  • Using case presentations and discussion, consultation sessions provide an opportunity for participants begin applying all 8 Phases of EMDR in their clinical practice with ongoing support in order to maintain fidelity to the protocol.
  • Completion of part 2 receives 20 hours of NBCC Credit Hours

Group Consultations – 5, 2-hour sessions

  • Group consultation times will be scheduled during the first 3 days of training according to participants needs.
  • The Group Consultation sessions are held via teleconferencing or in person.
  • More information will be provided by the EMDRIA Approved Consultant during the training.
  • Participants must attend all assigned Group Consultation sessions and may be charged additional fees if make-up sessions are required.

As part of the EMDR Basic Training all participants are required to participate in up to 12 hours of Practicum which includes participation as a client. All personal information is treated as confidential.

Virtual courses are live format trainings, which require participants to be present throughout the course and able to interact with the training group as needed.

Trainees must complete the entire program within 12 months of their original start date.


Required Materials

  • EMDRIA Required Training Book: “Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing: Basic Principles, Protocols, and Procedures, 3rd Edition” by Francine Shapiro (Guilford Press)
  • All Participants are required to purchase, and read their own copy of this book for this training.
  • This book along with other EMDR Therapy Books are available on Amazon or through www.EMDRIA.org.
  • The book is not included with the registration payment
  • EMDR Training Manual: All confirmed Participants will be provided with a copy the RiversEdge Institute’s EMDR Training Manual
  • The manual may be obtained in a PDF format if requested prior to the training.

All therapists must complete all the requirements of the EMDR in Color Basic Training program in order to receive an EMDR Training “Certificate of Completion” from the RiversEdge Institute. Once obtained the therapist may begin independently practicing EMDR and may identify themselves as “EMDR Trained”. In the event of unexpected circumstances, participants may talk with the trainer about other opportunities for completing the training requirements.

Participants who complete the EMDR in Color Basic Training will receive 50 EMDRIA Approved Credit Hours or 41.5 hours of NASW CEU’s.

Please note, an EMDR Training “Certificate of Completion” is not the same as being an EMDRIA Approved “Certified EMDR Therapist.” That requires additional consultations hours, and additional credits from EMDR Advanced Trainings. More information about the certification process will be provided at the training and can be found on the EMDRIA.org website.

Eligibility Requirements

All therapists must meet the minimum EMDRIA eligibility requirements for EMDR Training at time of registration and payment or have direct approval from the trainer. Eligibility status is based on current licensure and current graduate education status.

  1. To meet the minimum EMDRIA eligibility requirements for this EMDR Training, therapists must meet the following criteria at time of registration and payment:
  2. Therapist must currently be fully state licensed through their state or government credentialing board in a Mental Health Related field
  3. Therapist must have already completed a Masters Level or Doctorate Level Graduate Program (examples MSW, MFT, PsyD) within the mental health field
  4. Second year graduate students and those working towards licensure may seek Special Approval by contacting Lillian Ramey, LCSW directly. In order to qualify they must be able to show the following:
  5. Currently enrolled in a Masters or Doctorate level program with at least one year of course work completed in one of the mental health fields: Social work, Counseling, Marriage Family Therapy, Psychology, Psychiatry, Psychiatric Nursing)
  6. Currently participating in a practicum and/or internship related to the program they are enrolled in working under the direct supervision of a fully state licensed mental health professional and able to provide direct services to clients in their practicum environment.
  7. Able to provide their Supervisor’s name, degree, and license number as well as describe their coursework and experience that have prepared them for working with trauma.

The RiverEdge Institute reserves the right to cancel any applicant’s registration and payment that does not meet the Eligibility Requirements for EMDR Training and will notify the participant accordingly.

EMDR Trainers, and EMDRIA Approved Consultants will be provided by Rivers Edge Institute.

Please visit the Registration Page for each EMDR Training package for details on rates, dates, and locations. The Registration Page for each EMDR Training package can be found on the EMDR Events Calendar.

Registration, Payment, and Cancellation

Information such as location, dates, rates, discounts, times, etc. can be found on the Registration Page of each EMDR Training package. Access to the Registration Pages can be found on the EMDR in Color Events Calendar.

Registration Policies

  • By registering and providing payment for this training, all applicants are agreeing all the terms, policies, and conditions of this training.
  • All therapists participating in this training agree to conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner during the training.
  • RiversEdge Institute reserves the right to request any Participant to leave the training if that Participant is not acting in a professional or ethical manner. At this time the Participant’s registration in the training will be cancelled with no refunds.

Payment Policies

  • Full payment is due at time of registration unless other arrangements have been made directly with the trainer.
  • All payments must be made online through this website or by mailing a check to RiversEdge Institute, 100 Jenkins Ranch Road, Suite E1 Durango, CO 81301.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

For EMDR Basic Trainings Rivers Edge Institute will provide a full refund (minus $75 admin fee) a month before the course and will refund half of the registration payment up to 2 weeks prior to the start of a training. After this deadline, registration can be transferred to another course but refunds will not be provided.

For other trainings a $75.00 administrative fee is withheld from the refunded cost of the training.

Recording Policy

Due to copyright laws, video and audio recording may only be completed with specific permission by the trainer for learning purposes. In the event a participant is recording without permission they may be asked to leave without completing the course.


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