Building Stronger Clinicians with EMDR Training

Rivers Edge Institute is an EMDRIA Approved Training Provider and Consultant, providing quality continuing education courses aimed at professional clinicians wanting to enhance their knowledge and skills in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

In addition to trainings, Rivers Edge Institute offers consultation services, tailored to fit your specific needs and goals.

Specializing in EMDR Therapy

Rivers Edge Institute is a provider of quality continuing education courses aimed at professional clinicians wanting to enhance their knowledge and skills. With EMDRIA Approved Training Providers and Consultants our trainings address therapeutic work from a trauma-informed perspective and aim to provide tools and resources that help people heal from trauma, PTSD, and other behavioral health issues.

Rivers Edge Institute is based out of the Four Corners area in the Southwest and strives to fill the training gap in smaller, often rural communities. Our workshops are designed to provide close instruction and direct interactive experience. While based out of Durango, Colorado Rivers Edge Institute will work with you to meet the training needs in your area whenever possible.

Lillian Ramey, MSW
Founder & CEO

Rivers Edge Institute developed out of a passion to see healing and growth in our communities and the desire to expand that opportunity as broadly as possible. Providing trauma-centered therapy for 20+ years on the Western Slope in Colorado, I heard many times the challenge of clinicians wanting to access expert training without investing excessive amounts of time and money to travel to a larger city. Prior to our world opening up virtually, I was inspired to meet this need by becoming an EMDR Trainer and bringing training to smaller communities. I found that not only were clinicians grateful for the opportunity to learn close to home, but they also found a support network and collaborative community that came out of learning in their home environment and culture. I was grateful for the opportunity to meet an abundance of incredible clinicians which led to expanding EMDR training to communities of color and global communities. What an amazing adventure it has been to see healing happen around the world, not only in offices, but in the corners where others might not have thought to go.

Currently, I have stepped back from training to support the expert trainers who work with me and to complete a Doctorate of Education in Organizational Leadership. Through the years of therapy and training that I have been privileged to provide, I have a desire to take on the next level of change by addressing diversity in clinical systems and education. As I pursue my EdD I have the unique opportunity to conduct research into the cultural responsiveness of EMDR training and aspire to develop a training framework that is more adaptable for the variety of cultures and communities that seek trauma healing.

Rivers Edge continues to offer a variety of EMDR training courses with excellent trainers. We are excited to be developing new relationships, new packages, and new trauma healers with every course we offer. I have found over the years that each and every professional I cross paths with has something to offer. I look forward to crossing paths with you as we continue the lifelong journey towards health in our people and communities.

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EMDR Trainings

Rivers Edge Institute is an EMDRIA Approved provider of EMDR trainings.

A 50 hour Basic Training package is available to provide clinicians with all the essentials for incorporating EMDR into their practice.

Advanced Workshops

Advanced Workshops are available for the EMDR trained Clinician who seeks more refined or specialized EMDR practice.


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